About Little Jake and His Adventures

Little Jake Adventures are sure to become instant classics. Wonderful stories and amazing illustrations will capture the hearts and minds of young sportsmen everywhere.

The most important thing we can do as sportsmen, to ensure a healthy future in the hunting and shooting sports, is to recruit Tomorrow's sportsmen today.

Little Jake is a fictional character in his late teens. While small in stature so that young children may relate to him, Little Jake is old enough to hunt and fish safely on his own without adult supervision. As this series evolves with new titles, readers will learn more about Little Jake, his background and family. Soon we will be introduced to Little Jane (Little Jake’s younger sister) through her own book series.

Every Little Jake Adventure has a theme. Whether it be a Father and Son bonding experience such as LITTLE JAKE HUNTS ALASKA, or hunting for a purpose in LITTLE JAKE AND THE THREE BEARS. Each book also illustrates a high level of hunting ethics, that every future sportsman must learn.

At Little Sportsman, we believe you’re never too young to be introduced to the outdoors.

Robert H. Jacobs Jr.

Robert studied both Elementary Education and Business at Dixie College. He has been an avid hunter and fisherman his entire life and involved in the hunting industry for over 20 years. Robert and wife Natalie are the parents of 1 daughter and triplet boys and reside in Oak City, Utah.

Little Sportsman Books and Merchandise

Written by Diana Rupp

Created by Robert H. Jacobs Jr., a dad who searched unsuccessfully for pro-hunting books to read to his kids, the Little Jake Adventure Series consists of five books that follow Little Jake on his outdoor adventures. In Little Jake and the Three Bears, Jake decides he needs a bear rug to keep him warm during cold winter nights, and the story follows him from a trip to the sporting-goods store to get supplies, through the hunt, to the next winter when he is enjoying a plate of bear sausages while covered with his warm bear rug. In all of the Little Jake books, ethical hunting choices, safety, game laws, hunt preparation, shot placement, respect for wildlife, and full utilization of the animal are stressed. Colorful illustrations by former Disney artist Mark Swan give these books great visual appeal.

Little Jake's hunting adventures continue in Little Jake Hunts Alaska, Little Jake's Big Bowhunt, and Little Jake on Safari. The Alaska tale has Little Jake and his father hunting caribou out of a drop camp, then continuing on a float hunt for moose. A grizzly charge, Northern Lights, and father/son bonding are highlights of the hunt. Kids seem to especially like the illustrations of African game in Little Jake on Safari, where our hero is faced with a dilemma: Should he continue with his planned hunt for Cape buffalo or go after a crop-raiding elephant to help the local village?

Little Jake, being an all-round outdoorsman, also has an enjoyable and surprising adventure in Little Jake and the World Record Bass.

Six-year-old Logan Reed is a big fan of the Little Jake books. "I really like the pictures and all the different animals and that they are all about hunting," he said. "I like that it teaches to make the shot count like my dad always tells me and it teaches kids about guns. They are really good to read."

The publisher of the Little Jake series also offers the My First books, which include My First Rifle, My First BB Gun, and My First Bow. all three books place a heavy emphasis on the safe and responsible use of guns and bows; they are excellent introductions to the shooting sports.

Each book sells for $19.99 and all eight are available from Little Sportsman Inc.: 435/743-4400, or online at www.littlesportsman.com.

Written by Brian C. Sheetz

"I am the luckiest kid alive. My Grandpa just gave me a present. It's not just any present. It's my first rifle." The sentiment, which emanates from a youthful, wide-eyed character named Jake, occurs just before his realization that, "Grandpa says there's some things that I need to learn before he will take me out shooting."

The scene serves as an example of how excitement about a new interest is followed by the sober understanding that it entails new levels of responsibility--a common theme that runs through each of the Little Jake Adventure tales. The series of children's books cheerfully aims to promote a positive image of shooting and hunting while imparting serious lessons about gun safety for the younger generation.

In this installment, writer Robert H. Jacobs Jr., evokes the voice of Jake echoing the admonitions of his grandfather regarding the proper preparation, procedures and, finally, handling of the new rifle. Along the way, the character of Jake conveys the truth that sport shooting and hunting represent wholesome activities for any youngster willing to try them and fortunate enough to have an experienced hand to guide them.

The 8 ¾" x 11 ¼" hardbound book's 31 pages are filled with Jared Beckstrand's colorful illustrations whose style will be familiar to many younger readers who are fans of today's Saturday morning cartoons. Other titles include: My first BB Gun, My First Bow, Little Jake on Safari, Little Jake's Big Bowhunt, Little Jake hunts Alaska, Little Jake and the Three Bears, and Little Jake and the World Record Bass.

Contact: Little Sportsman, Inc (Dept. AR), PO Box 715, Fillmore, UT 84631; (435)743-4400; www.littlesportsman.com.

Written by Phil Shoemaker

How old were you when you first dreamed of hunting? The impact stories have on younger children molds their opinions and values for the rest of their lives. One of the foundations of educational psychology is that first impressions and ideas are the longest lasting and hardest to change. Antihunters understand that and so do liberal teachers and educators. There are dozens and dozens of antihunting-themed textbooks offered as required reading by public education systems. If you haven't begun teaching your children about your passions and values before they attend public school, someone else most certainly will.

Finding books that deal positively with hunting that are appropriate for younger readers and preschoolers has always been difficult. Most of us tend to simplify versions from our experiences and then reiterate them as bedtime stories. That was what Utah sportsman Robert Jacobs did for his daughter. Children, however, love to hear the stories repeated over and over, so Robert decided to make his into books. He invented "Little Jake," a perpetually youthful boy to be the hero of his stories.

In the current series of five books, Little Jake goes on an African Safari, a bow hunt, an Alaskan hunt with his father, hunts a black bear for a rug and meat and catches a record bass. In each story there is an emphasis on safety, responsibility and the dangers of negligent behavior, and Little Jake strictly adheres to the highest standard of hunting morals and ethics.

If you have children, grandchildren, or even friends with young children and have been looking for ways to positively introduce them to hunting, the "Little Jake's Adventure" books from Little Sportsman Inc. would be a great way to entertain them, plus recruit tomorrow's ethical hunters. You can learn more about his books by contacting Robert via e-mail at: oneshotproductions84770@yahoo.com; online at: www.littlesportsman.com; or by writing to Little Sportsman Inc., PO Box 715, Fillmore, UT 84631.

Each book sells for $19.99 and all eight are available from Little Sportsman Inc.: 435/743-4400, or online at www.littlesportsman.com.

Written by J. Scott Olmsted

When Rob Jacobs tracked me down at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, Ky., to tell me about his books, he was brimming with pride. I took one look at them and knew why--they're delightful. The Little Sportsman series features outdoor and shooting tales intended for 4- to 8- year-olds. The idea, Jacobs explained, is to counter negative propaganda aimed at kids. But lest one think this is some half-hearted, self-published attempt, I can attest to lavishly illustrated, enjoyable reads.

The "MY First" series includes My First Rifle, wherein a youngster's grandpa gives him a rifle, then proceeds to teach the boy responsibility through a hunter safety class, shooting skills, gun care, and safety. Each story makes a great accompaniment to a child's first rifle, bow or BB gun.

The "Little Jake" series is a collection of hunting and fishing adventures. In Little Jake Hunts Alaska," our young protagonist travels to the Last Frontier with Dad on a drop-camp caribou and moose hunt. Dad teaches Little Jake all the ins and outs: why it's illegal to fly and hunt the same day; how to get within range of a caribou herd; how to aim behind the shoulder; why hunters must pack out all their meat. Along they way they gaze at the Northern Lights, hear wolves howl and even encounter a ferocious grizzly.

Written by Don Muggli

Little Jake and The Three Bears is a delightful children's book about bear hunting. It is presented in a large format 9" by 12" and every page is fully illustrated with colorful and animated pictures. The text is the lesser part of each page, usually only a short paragraph or two, and can be read to a child in about five minutes. Because of the wonderful illustrated pictures each message is clearly supported and visually explained.

There is no question Jacob's book was written with a strong pro-hunting message. If you have young children in your household or a grandchild, this book belongs in their first library. Indeed, reading Little Jake and The Three Bears will help build the next generation of ethical sportsmen.

The book's main character is Little Jake and in the opening chapter little Jake decides he needs a big bear rug with thick warm fur on his bed so he can stay warm. Little Jake knows the only way to get a bear rug is to go hunting, so he goes to the Fish and Game office to see his friend the Warden. After buying a bear hunting license and getting some helpful how-to advice from Mr. Warden, Little Jake heads to the sporting goods store for supplies and gets more friendly advice from Jerry.

The excitement builds as Little Jake uses his habitat knowledge, the feeding preferences of bears, tracking skills and spot and stalk hunting skills to be selective hunter. He finds a small bear and passes it up, and then he finds a bear with a rub and passes on that one too. Finally he finds a big bear with thick and warm fur. He then carefully stalks close for a good shot and unhurriedly waits for the bear to turn for proper shot placement. The book closes with little Jake sitting in bed eating tasty bear sausages and staying nice and warm under his beautiful new bear rug.

If you enjoy children and hunting, if you look forward to the day when you can share a hunt with a child or a grandchild; you need to buy this book! I give this book 4 paws; it is just plain fun to read.


Considering the liberal bias in virtually all aspects of media and elsewhere, to help a child appreciate guns and their appropriate use, it is wise to take advantage of every opportunity. Little Sportsman Inc. publishes a line of children's' books chronicling the adventures of "Little Jake," as well as the "My first Series." "My First Series" helps a child to appreciate safety and responsibility concerns, understand the consequences of negligent use and generally become a better shooter whether it is with a bow, a rifle or a B.B. gun. "Little Jake," on the other hand, is aimed at the young sportsman. There are several "Little Jake" books and we've just finished examining "Little Jake and The Three Bears." Little Jake does not try out chairs and porridge; Little Jake is a young hunter and fisherman, and in this installment, he decides he wants to go bear hunting. The book follows Little Jake preparing for the hunt, including his reason behind it, and then going afield. The first bear that he spies isn't the one that he wants nor is the second bruin. But the third bear is just right. Little Jake is a fine and skilled hunter, takes the bear, and packs out meat and hide, and enjoys the warmth from the bearskin that winter.

These are great stories that would get a liberal anti-gunner screaming and whining. They are beautifully and profusely illustrated and very nicely written. Granted, depending on the individual child, one has to be careful how one introduces the idea of taking game. "Little Jake and the Three Bears" is extremely tasteful. We have five grandchildren, and each of them would profit from these book; your kids will, too.

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